My name is Vicki Schoen (rhymes with rain–really!) Thank you for checking out my blog. I am a custodial grandmother and a writer. This blog combines these two important ways in which I spend my time.

It is intended for those of us who are rearing children not our own. Some of the posts will be lighthearted and personal. I hope they make you smile. Some will be based on concerns I have or approaches that have worked for me. Some will be research based. Mostly, I hope you will let me know what you have learned rearing your grandchild–or niece, or sibling, and that you will tell what you want from this blog.

There are over two million of us in the U.S. (who are documented.)Let’s pull together to help the children we are rearing become self-sufficient, responsible adults. Times have become more complicated since we did this the first time around.

I am in a second marriage having reared my son as a single parent. This time, I have help. What a difference! Although we have never reared a child together, we are determined to get this right. I appreciate the fact that he is willing to listen to this former school teacher on ideas about discipline, especially since Mary Ellen’s blood-line is his family.

I have written a children’s book for guardians of children who were removed from their homes because of drug or alcohol abuse. You will be the first to know when it is published. I am also writing a novel about a grandmother trying to get custody of her grandson. That one’s a ways off.

My first published novel is Inherit the Texas Earth, an historical novel set in the Texas Panhandle during the Dust Bowl. You can read the first chapter at vickischoen.com

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